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Golden hour  with a beautiful young mom holding her baby

Be part of the project
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Nina Ferentinos

Hi there.

I am Nina.

A family photographer based in Sandy Springs.

I am a fun loving person and my goal is to create a stress free atmosphere where families have a blast with their loved ones and can't wait for their next appointment with me.

This Project is putting MOTHERHOOD in the front and center because it is so beautiful and challenging at the same time.

I can't wait to meet with YOU and YOUR FAMILY!!!


Nina Ferentinos Photography Atlanta

The "Celebrate Motherhood " project

My Inspiration:

These are not my photos, but my Inspiration for this Project!

  • You as moms and your unique relationship with your kids is my main focus. Try not to look at the camera but at your kids. Hug them, cuddle with them, play, and dance with them. Hold them tight, whisper in their ear, kiss the forehead...


  • Please don't tell your kids to smile. If it comes naturally, I take it, but this is not about fake smiles. If the kids have fun and get to play with you, we get real laughs which is much better!!!

  • If for any reason your kids start to cry, get angry or don't listen, just try to calm and comfort them. I am a very patient person and sometimes we have to take breaks. We are all human and little kids just wanna be themselves sometimes. Let them be.

  • I will take a few pictures where everyone is looking at the camera for you to have, but that is not my main focus!

  • Most probably I will bring an assistant (one of my daughters) to film a little behind the scene material!

If you are feeling that this is not the Photography that you are interested in or you don't like to be so close with your kids, I totally understand. But let me know NOW! This type of photography is not everyone's cup of tea!

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