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Newborn Baby

Welcome to the World little one

Your Newborn session Info page

I  am  so  excited  to  capture  your  sweet  newborn.  Your  custom  newborn  session  is  done  in  the  comfort  of   your  own  home.  

My style is Fine Art Lifestyle, which means that I will come into your home and  beautifully capture this fleeting time in your life.

little feet and toes of a newborn

What do I need for Baby?

Baby is the easiest person on photo day. All you need for baby is a neutral/plain onesie without a lot patterns or writing on it. A swaddle, pacifier if they take one, diapers and feeding method.

Please do not alter baby's schedule, or overfeed baby before our session. If baby is hungry during our time together we'll pause and feed. We're all working on baby's schedule!

Where will we take photos?

When I first arrive at your home I'll need to take a quick look around. I'll be looking for a space with beautiful natural lighting.

This may be the living room, baby's nursery, your master bedroom, guest room etc. Please do not feel the need to clean your entire house! If needed we can move a few things around and tidy quickly. Every home has a space that we can use!

Mom lying on bed with her newborn baby, Atlanta Photographer Nina Ferentinos Photography
newborn baby looking in the camera

How do I prepare my house?

You just had a baby. I expect anything but a clean house.

When I walk around your house and determine which room has the best light, I will swap some things around or clean up a little.

Just whatever would be in the frame.

It would be great if you would have a comforter in neutral colors that we could use as a base in the master bedroom.

A big blanket or a sheet is also fine.

What do I wear?

The most important things:

You feel comfortable - you just had a baby! If that's a comfortable dress, or a sweater, a nursing top etc. Comfort is key.

You feel beautiful - the newborn stage is hard. There's so many things happing in your body, your family, and your home. If curling your hair makes you feel gorgeous, or if the mom messy bun makes you feel the most like yourself go for it. These are your photos and you get to choose.


Choose mama's outfit first. (I suggest this for family sessions and newborn sessions. When mama feels beautiful, she shines in photos.)

Pull outfits for the rest of the family that coordinate with mom's outfit. Many times you can find exactly what you need in your closets already! (If you have the desire and budget for new outfits go for it!)

Avoid having everyone in matching outfits. Look for coordinating colors/outfits - googling color palettes can be really helpful.

Avoiding lots of small busy patterns is also helpful. Tiny prints can feel really busy in photos.

Wear clothes that look and feel like YOU. My goal with lifestyle photography is authenticity. You can absolutely look your best in your own style.

If you need help feel free to reach out!

Newborn shoot ATLANTA, mom and dad holding baby
siblings lying on bed

Can we take Photos with my other children?

Yes!! The beauty of lifestyle photography is that it's all about the connection within your family. We'll start out our time together with the whole family. Your older children are always welcome wherever you are.

I do find it helpful to have another adult not being photographed there for your older children. That way when I'm not new and interesting anymore, they can take a break, and Mama or dad aren't worried/distracted.

If you don't have another adult handy having a plan for the kiddos is super helpful. Maybe have a show cued up or a favorite simple activity ready for them.

Can we use Props?

I do not typically use props with my families.

I feel that it takes away from the main focus - which is you.

If there's something you're really passionate about including, we can chat about it.

I don't consider pets Props, so they are totally fine in the picture as they belong to your family!

Newborn shoot ATLANTA, Dad holding the baby
A Toddler and a Baby

What is expected of my older children?

This is a pivotal moment in the life of your older kiddos. I don't expect your kids to be perfectly still tiny humans. They won't be. We'll have a bit of extra patience and some playfulness.

Having an extra adult around to hang out with them when their photo turn is done can be incredibly helpful. We'll aim for sibling and whole family photos in the beginning when I'm still new and interesting!

When can we expect our photos?

My turn around time for full galleries is typically 3 weeks. 

Nursery with wall art of baby
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