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A fun Celebrate Motherhood session in Sandy Springs | Fulton County

mom having fun with girls in the park

My vision for this beautiful mama and her 2 daughters was them playing between white sheets hanging in a beautiful outdoor setting but it became sooooo much more.

The LOVE this woman has for her daughters is undeniable and the fun we had at Morgan Falls Overlook Park in Sandy Springs / Georgia cannot be explained but shown.

Just look at the pictures at this golden hour session...

I took almost 2000 pictures in 90 minutes.


As part of my CELEBRATE MOTHERHOOD CAMPAIGN, I also interviewed Elda about her Journey of Motherhood. Read what she had to say here:

What was your Motherhood journey so far?

"My name is Elda, I am 30 years old and have two girls - one is 4, and one is 2. The pregnancies were ok, but nobody prepares you for the AFTER.

Breastfeeding was so hard, I got a lot of mastitis and kept breastfeeding with the pillow everywhere.

My baby was so hard to latch on, she would not drink if it was too bright, or if I didn't have that pillow with me. Still, I did it for 14 months.

In my culture, it is really important to breastfeed so I had a lot of pressure from my family. Having kids in a new country was so challenging, we moved from Italy to the USA 1 year before we had kids.

Without knowing anyone, not good English, and without family or help. When I had my first baby I missed my mom so much, I thought I could never do it, it was so hard, sleepless nights and breast pain because of the overproduction of milk.

Nobody explains that part!

"Yes, I loved my baby, but I was feeling miserable"

Slowly everything was changing, I saw hope and happiness in being a mom, SO we decided to have a second baby.

Another girl, but very different. She would latch perfectly, but she had some umbilical hernia, every time she would cry her belly would get so big, she was so uncomfortable.

I would stay with her up all night. Now it is better, but it is still big.

Then the guilty mom, I quit my job with my first and stayed home for 2,5 years until my second baby was 5 months old.

It is hard to be a mom, but I would still miss my job and my career. I made many sacrifices to finish my Bachelor's degree and now I was leaving everything to be a MOM???

It was so hard, that I decided to get back to work, working from home but in the meantime watching my little baby from home.

I could not send her to school so little. My husband is such a wonderful daddy and I feel so lucky with him. He helped a lot and we talked and discussed how much joy it was in our life but God how hard it was, without any help.

We never left our kids with any babysitter. They never have been apart from us. In 4 years, we did just 2 date nights when we went to Italy and left the kids with our parents.

I think being a parent in another country makes it more difficult, mainly because you don't know very well the culture.

However, when we put our kids to sleep, we sometimes have a date night in our living room with some wine and some appetizers, to make us feel closer.

I feel so complete as a mom and as a woman now that I have gone back to work.

The days are so long, but the joy that I see in my kids when I pick them up is amazing.

My daughters love Saturdays and Sundays, they realize it is mommy and daddy time, no work, no school and we get to go visit friends and playgrounds and nature. Every weekend we do something different.

The best thing is we never got married in church and now we are getting married after 7 years in church with our little princesses.

Love is here and my husband is making me happy to marry again in front of God, making me happy as a woman, since I never got to say yes in front of God. Can't wait to build more memories with my family."

Thank you, Elda, for letting me capture your beautiful daughters and I felt so fortunate to experience the Love that you have for them. Hopefully, we will see each other again soon...


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