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A Golden Hour Motherhood session at Green Meadows Preserve in Marietta

Celebrate motherhood, Mom and daughter giving each other a big hug

I celebrated Motherhood with awesome Jasmyn and her 2 super cute kids in a nearby Park at this beautiful open field in high grass. She is a full-time working mom and she told me that she would love to travel more with her family in the near future.

Read here about her Motherhood experience and the challenges that come with having kids...

Please let us know about your Motherhood journey so far!

"Motherhood has been a mind-blowing experience for me.

Having children wasn’t really an in-depth discussion where we evaluated the pros and the cons or worried about parenthood. I honestly feel like one day, my husband and I were in agreement that we wanted to expand our family.

I was an only child up until 17 and he is the youngest of three, so we were pretty comfortable with the idea of at least two. After the first one, I knew that I did not want to be outnumbered! So we had our girl in 2019 & our boy last year.

Pregnancy with both was a blessing. I’m sure I could’ve given my doctors an earful during my first pregnancy as they seemed to harp on my weight gain, but I had no medical concerns and minimal food aversions. I had much more understanding doctors during my son’s pregnancy which was a blessing. The nausea conundrum - not so much.

What I had to eat made me nauseated & not eating made me nauseated, so I kept a can of Reed’s ginger ale nearby!

My birth stories make me feel like a superhero because I challenged myself to go unmedicated twice & was able to see it through - although I did ask each time, “What was I thinking!?” But birthing calm, alert babies each time was a true reward.

Breastfeeding has been my favorite journey.

I struggled with both in the beginning - getting my daughter to latch and correcting my son’s latch, so OUCH to both. But I went 15 months strong with my first & am coming up on a year with my son! Crazy to see how much they can grow on breastmilk alone. Kind of makes the after-effects of breastfeeding worth it, haha.

I do feel like my responsibilities as a mother are heavier when I think about parenting with my husband & that’s not a slight on him at all! Our partnership has challenged me to communicate my needs more concerning the kids and the household because a 3 and 1-year-old sure know how to tear up a space.

I don’t think any couple ever stays the same after children, it’s just a matter of adapting and communicating to stay connected.

While it still blows my mind that I’m a mom to two whole tiny humans, I cannot imagine not having been given that title. The world does look a little scarier if I’m being honest… but I look at these kids and imagine what they’ll grow up to do in this world & it excites me because I have a direct impact on that.

Parenting them also reminds me of God’s love & grace for me which is another beautiful blessing! "

Thank you JASMYN for letting me capture your beautiful family and leaving me an awesome review!

I had so much fun getting to know you and your family better.😃

5 star Review from a happy client...


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