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My Top 3 Family Photo Spots in Sandy Springs | Atlanta | Georgia

Having the absolute Benefit of living in Sandy Springs (North of Atlanta) with the most amazing Parks and Backdrops I almost always try to stay in the area for my Family Lifestyle Outdoor Photo Sessions.

And because there are so many, I reveal my top 3 Family photo spots in Sandy Springs.

When scouting for areas to meet families I always consider 4 categories:

a. Accessibility (enough parking spots, Easy to reach...),

b. Busyness (other park visitors, celebrations...),

c. Background (open field, blooming flowers...), and

d. Placement (Where is the sun going down at a golden hour session...)

And because every family has different priorities I always have a Consultation with my clients to give them the best possible service and Experience.

That can be in person, over Zoom, or a 15-minute discovery call where we discuss different Location options as well as wardrobe options...

Most often I recommend those 3 Sandy Springs Parks for a Family photo shoot, and here is why:

a. There is an extended space of parking spots in the shopping center next to it, but also directly in the park. Especially with little kids and pregnant women, this is a great location (and hey, extra plus: Restrooms are next to the parking lot!)

b. Either I have been lucky every time or it is real, there are not many people around. Maybe once or twice I would meet a dog owner going with their pets, but that's it!

However, this location has also a wedding area with a covered space for Catering purposes. That could be tricky.

c. Backgroundwise it has a lot of greens and blooming flowers and if you go to the other side behind the wedding area, there are benches, higher grass, and big trees. Always a lot of open shade.

d. Not the greatest place for a golden hour session. Because of the big trees you don't even see the sunset.

My top 3 Family photo spots in Sandy Springs, Mom is playing with toddlers in Heritage park

a. Usually during the week this Park offers enough parking spots for everyone. On the weekends finding a spot can be tricky. From the parking lot to the park it is just a short stroll (perfect for toddlers and pregnant mamas). It also offers Restrooms next to the parking area.

Big Bonus: It has a huge Playground. There is also a Kayak rental on site.

b. Again: During the week it is not too busy but please never schedule a Photoshoot there over the weekend. Especially with toddlers running around there will be strangers in every shot. Sorry.

c. With the lake around and beautiful trees the background in this park is just gorgeous. They have hanging benches, a big fire pit, and a wide-open grass field in the middle. The possibilities are endless.

In the fall the scenery changes and everything is covered in the prettiest orange colors. Perfect for Fall sessions.

d. Yes, this is a great place for golden hour. The sunset is coming through the trees and bushes putting the subject in the beautiful golden light!

My top 3 Family photo spots in Sandy Springs, Mom is playing with daughters at Morgan Falls Overlook park

a. The last of my top 3 family Photo spots in Sandy Springs is pretty small and has only around 12 parking spots next to it. But even on the weekend, there are spots available. And with only a few steps from the lot to the park this is perfect for toddlers and expecting moms. Even for wheelchairs. (on the downside it has NO restroom 😬)

Another plus is that it has only ONE entrance and exit. No escape for toddlers. But watch out for the pond. It is pretty deep in the middle.

b. NOT busy. People walk their dogs here and there (watch out for poop) but usually after 1 round, they are gone. Whenever I planned a photo session at Marsh Creek rain garden no one was around. Sometimes people sit at the cute picnic tables for lunch, but never for long.

c. It's a small park but what makes it attractive for me is the pond with the cute fountain in it. Such a pretty background. The park is surrounded by greenery and a stone pathway. Depending on the season the plants around the pond bloom in different colors. It doesn't give as much of a background variety as the other parks, but if the family needs a safe environment, this is a great space!

d. Not very sunset-worthy, but a great spot for morning sessions.

My top 3 Family photo spots in Sandy Springs,Toddler is playing with a flower at Marsh creek Rain Garden in Sandy Springs

If you want to explore one or the other of my 3 top Family photo spots in Sandy Springs with me and would like more Info about the session, please click the link to go to my main page.

Hope to see you soon.


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