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There are a lot of things we spend money on.
Consider how many things you’ve purchased in the last month. Now think about how many of those items are still being used and how many are hidden away in a closet or a drawer never to be seen again. The truth is, we buy a lot of stuff! And a lot of that stuff is quite honestly a waste of our money.
So how are portraits any different? In this post, you’ll find out exactly why family photography is a smart thing to buy and the top 5 reasons why you should spend money on portraits instead of something else.
Framed portrait of an elegant woman


There aren’t many things in our lives that stand the test of time. Your favourite dress falls apart in a few years (if it even makes it that long!). Our cars break down and need to be replaced after about 150,000 miles. Even our homes need an upgrade every decade or so. So there’s actually a very small category of things that last more than a few years. And even fewer items stay with us our entire lives.

It also helps to think of the amount of time you will use and enjoy something when making a purchase.

Some things might seem expensive initially, but considering how long they will last, the cost actually ends up being less than buying a cheaper product and then having to replace it down the line. This is why I always try to purchase the best available product within a category.

It’s simply the smartest choice (which I learned from the experience of buying and suffering through some cheap products). This is why I have a $500 suitcase that survives every trip I take and doesn't break after the first throw in the airport 😉.

This doesn’t mean that you should spend money indiscriminately. In fact, you should consider every purchase with incredible seriousness, because every single item you bring into your home should be purposeful and intentional.

The point is, every purchase matters and investing in items that will last longer but are perhaps more expensive is the wise choice.

Framed and matted wall Art over sofa


If you know anything about me, you probably know that I like to keep things minimal and simple in my home. This brings me to the concept of trying to surround yourself with objects that bring you joy - yes, following the Marie Kondo method of getting rid of anything that doesn’t.

This is the methodology I subscribe to in my own home, and I would recommend nothing less for my clients.

I also don’t know of any more joyous items to have than family photographs!

Our family photos are precious - often the most precious things we have (which is why people save them first in a fire or tornado). So when you’re considering what to spend your money on, why not spend it on something you KNOW you will cherish and enjoy a lifetime?

Big canvas on Wall


It’s a proven fact that children's confidence goes up when they see portraits of themselves on the wall.

This is especially important for adopted children.

Having family portraits that they pass by every day creates a belonging and a feeling of safety that all children require.

Likewise, when we pass a portrait of our children laughing, we tend to smile to ourselves.

We might not notice this, but over time, looking at family portraits creates a noticeable lifting in mood, confidence, and overall feeling of closeness to our family.

Display box with picture of cute twins in it


No other item is as multi-purpose as portraits. Think about all the ways you can use them! You can use digital versions to make gorgeous holiday cards.

You can decorate your home in multiple ways that suit every style and budget - from large impactful frames to small printed portraits and self-contained albums.

You can also share your photos online with family and friends at any time you wish. There are literally an infinite number of ways you can use your portraits!

Framed artwork as a set on wall in dining room


Usually, when we buy things, they’re for one person to use and enjoy. But family photos can be enjoyed by several people within a family, all at once.

You can share/gift portraits to grandparents, enjoy them in your home, display them so your children pass by them every day, and look back on them with your spouse to reminisce whenever you like. Everybody can enjoy your family portraits, not just you!


Every single day, we make decisions about what to spend our money on.

Unfortunately, those decisions are often based on impulses, fleeting desires, or being swayed by advertising.

I truly believe that we should all take full control over what we spend our money on, make smarter decisions for ourselves and our families, and plan for every dollar that leaves our wallets so that we can create lives and homes that make us happy and fulfilled.


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