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Welcome to your Fine Art School Photography Viewing page

Hi there.

It was so much fun capturing your children's Fine Art school pictures last week and see their beautiful souls unfold right in front of me. 

I already talked to a few of you, but my goal is to upgrade a few schools to fine Art School Photography instead of the Big box OLD SCHOOL photography that most of us moms not really like, but still buy.

If you think, that your school could use a change and that most parents would prefer to invest in images that they actually like, please send your responsible school contact person my way.

To view and download your Galleries, please click on the button below and find your child. I am asking for your email to make sure everyone has a chance to download the images of their children.

Important: The galleries close on 10/03/2022. Please download before that date!

I also offer print products and Wall Art for you to order, because I use labs that only work with professional photographers.

Please feel free to share those images on social media.

I t would be great if you could tag me @ninaferentinosphotography (FB & Instagram)

I hope that I will see you again to update your family photos or at your kids school.

It was great meeting y'all.

Go to your Galleries here:

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