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Hi there.

My name is Nina and I would love to take your kid's Senior pictures this year!

As a mom to 2 College kids I know exactly what you are going through right now. 

All those unexpected feelings during the last year of school, all the decisions that have to be made (and yes, they can survive college life, but only with a good meal plan 😉), and the timeline of them leaving is approaching fast.

That's why I want to take one task off your To-Do List.


Let me plan your kid's Senior session for you with pictures that you will keep close to your heart when your kids leave home", living their best life...

Senior Photos Atlanta

High School Graduation is an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime event that needs to be celebrated in a proper way! 

I am very honored to take your kid's Senior pictures that you will look at when your "babies" go off to college.

Nina Ferentinos Photography offers three packages for your Senior Sessions: Mini, Deluxe, and All-Inclusive.

The Mini package includes a 30-minute session and 2 digital images.

The Deluxe package includes a 45-minute session, 5 digital images, and an online gallery to purchase more images.

The All-Inclusive package includes a 1-hour session, multiple outfit changes, all your digital photos (50+), and a private online gallery.

All photo sessions take place outside.

Do you want to know HOW my work looks like and what kind of pictures I can take in just 30 minutes?

Find out HERE!

Senior session of a male senior outdoors
Nina shot our senior portraits and not only are the pictures phenomenal but the entire experience was amazing. She was patient and really connected with my shy teen to make it a great experience that he is still talking about.
Looking forward to her capturing homecoming, prom, and graduation pictures!

- Kim , Chamblee -

Blogposts to help you plan!

male student throwing a baseball
female student posing for senior pictures in an old building at golden hour
Graduate boy leaning on bridge outdoors
Senior session with a female student in the park

How to prepare for your Senior Session?!

What should be included in my senior session?

  1. Sports Jerseys from your varsity team or your letterman’s jacket. You worked hard to make it to Varsity sports, first chair band, captain of the chess team, high-school academic All-American, etc. Showcase your talents by highlighting you in your gear. It’s a great way to show your spirit, personality, pride, and accomplishments.

  2. Musical instruments. I love music. Bring your ukulele, electric guitar, acoustic bass, marching band drum, trumpet, clarinet, or bassoon. I don’t care what you bring as long as we can capture you in your musical glory.

  3. Accessorize with care. Goofy and over-the-top accessories are fun for spirit week and for candids with your friends in the quad, but your senior photos should showcase you in a timeless way. What does it mean to be “timeless?” It means that your photos can withstand the test of fads and trends and still look relevant. Some accessories to consider are heirloom pieces (pocket watches, grandma’s ring, mom’s locket, a necklace, a bracelet, a fancy wristwatch) are wonderful to showcase in your session, as well as special accessories.

  4. Pets. Pets are amazing companions. I love capturing dogs with their humans. If your dog means the world to you, bring him/her and we will incorporate them into your session. For some of us, our dogs make us feel endless joy, but dogs aren’t the only companions we acquire throughout our lives. If you have a different animal; horse, snake, goat… just make sure that the location we choose will be a location that is good for your particular pet. Dogs are great anywhere, as long as they are trained. Other animals may need some special considerations.

  5. Flowers, balloons, confetti: These are fun little extras that you can bring to your session. I do not provide them, but I find it fun to incorporate these items into your session. The only consideration for these items is that they are easily cleaned up so that we leave no litter behind.

  6. You can bring your family to your senior session. Some of the most fun sessions I have ever photographed have been with seniors and their families. It takes the pressure off the senior and allows you to shine with the people who love you most. It also acts as a double session because you get great photos of your senior year and family photos at the same time. Win-win!

  7. Do you have a beautiful classic car? Why not showcase it at your senior session? We can base the location on what would showcase you and your car the best.

  8. Have you already been accepted to the university of your choice? Then bring along that college gear. If you don’t know yet, never fear, all my seniors are gifted with an optional college mini-session when they do get their acceptance letters and gear.

  9. Finally, you have spent a lifetime together. You’ve known each other since you were toddlers or hers was the only friendly face you could find when you moved here in 5th grade. It doesn’t matter how you met, all that matters is that you want this person to share in your celebrations. Then let’s do a best friend senior session. Both seniors book their own session, but for the same date and right after each other. let me know at checkout that you want pictures together. Then let the magic unravel as we laugh and have a blast through your senior session.​

What not to do:

  1. Don’t start a new skincare routine in the days leading up to your session. Sometimes, our skin can react to new products, leaving us with a skin rash, irritation, or breakout. Save the new routines for a different time.

  2. Don’t do anything drastic to your hair right before your session. I know, it’s super fun to experiment with a new color or cut, but sometimes, the results are less than desirable. Don’t risk it. Save the experimentation for a less momentous time in your life.

  3. Don’t wait until the last minute to pick out your wardrobe. You want to make sure that your clothes fit, are comfortable, and make you feel great.

  4. Gather all your belongings into one garment bag that is easy to transport.

  5. If you’re wearing glasses, opt to wear ones that do not have transitional lenses. Transitional lenses are very hard to deal with in post-production, and I don’t edit them out without an extra editing fee because it is time-consuming (even with the filter I created).

  6. Avoid neon colors and large logos. Neon doesn’t flatter most people, and while it’s fun, it can have disastrous consequences for skin tone. Logos are advertisements for companies. If you have your own company, then sport your logo in one or two, but there is no reason to make Nike extra money during your senior session.

  7. Avoid super trendy looks that won’t stand the test of time. Most things make a comeback, I mean, you all own super cute sporting clothes that I also wore at 18, but some trends are not so cute. Test out your looks by having a friend or trusted family member take photos of you in each look before you decide on your final looks.

  8. Remember, you’re going for timeless, not dated. And let's face it, some trends are better off not being remembered.

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