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Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

Branding Nina Ferentinos Photography Atlanta

I'm Nina and I would love to take your picture...

I am a Professional in Atlanta Lifestyle Photography, a mom, travel addict, and a sucker for delicious european chocolate

My love for photography was born early, but moving around the globe never allowed it to be my career. And maybe I wasn't brave enough to give it a chance!

What changed my mind in 2020 was that I wanted to be able to give other BUSY families the gift of documenting their LOVE for each other on a professional level and creating beautiful Wall Art, just like I did for myself.
(Nobody should print a selfie!!!)


​Also: I hold space for you as you are!

I’ve said it and I’ll say it again. I want the unabashed, unreserved, and unpolished version of you.

It’s about time we honor the way you spend most of your days, and who you spend them with.

📷 All people, pets, and families are welcome here.

About you

My clients are busy parents that seek to find the perfect "Work-Life Balance" in everyday challenges.
They are eager to document every new step their kids take and value great service as an overall worry-free Experience.

Does that sound like YOU?

Think we are a match? Let's find out!

It will take only 15 minutes and I am excited to learn more about you and your vision!

Branding Atlanta Nina Ferentinos Photography

What I believe...

I am a believer in the little In-between moments that define us.

I know, most of us live for those big Milestone moments, but if you look back and ask yourself, It's the small beautiful moments that we remember for a lifetime.

The day your baby said mommy for the first time or took his first step. When your toddler woke up to a dry bed without wearing diapers.

That toothless smile or the last summer as a playful child in Middle school with a broken arm.
Every little moment deserves to be documented but the most memorable ones are the imperfect storytelling moments that last forever.

And because kids change a lot within one year, I recommend documenting your family's story at least once a year. When you start doing it you will start noticing all the major changes that happen in only a year. 

You deserve beautiful photos of your family!

My approach...

The way I work is definitely not complicated. I know that you are busy and that's why my goal is to make it as easy as possible.

Those little imperfect MOMENTS...

Sisters having fun on a sunny day in the park wearing yellow dresses


With me, you’ll receive a genuine representation of the way you do life. 
My style mixes gentle prompts with candid and free moments to capture your family through visual storytelling.

Family having fun and being silly in the park


The mainstream route says to document “perfect” moments and in doing so, I believe we get further and further from the beauty of reality. It becomes curated. So instead, we’ll kick it back with a stress-free, down-to-earth session that is real and not ever forced.

Dad holding boy outdoors


Kindness and compassion drive the way I interact with my clients, partners, and those whose paths cross mine. I promise to respect you for the unique individual that you are.

My images will honor your individuality and I will show my respect by helping you hold your space and not altering it for a perceived creative gain in the image.

My Why...


For a few years now, I have donated my services to a few selected foundations that collect money for a cause that is close to my heart.

As an example ESP ( is an organization that supports kids with disabilities and every year at their BIG HEARTS GALA they put those kids front and center on stage with a talent show. Amazing people and I am proud to be able to help this organization.


As a family, we volunteer for SOUTHEASTERN GUIDE DOGS ( and already raised 4 puppies for them. What a wonderful experience as a family. You can read about the journey HERE.

In 2023 I ran a Motherhood campaign for the whole summer that became my passion project. I was unaware that so many mothers struggle to become one and to find HAPPINESS in family life. I learned so much from these moms and discovered that getting pregnant is a real challenge for many women.

Read all the wonderful stories HERE

Branding Nina Ferentinos Photography Atlanta

Get to know me better


When I  am not working...

I love to travel and explore new places

Home Country


Favorite sports

IceSkating, Bike riding & Trampoline jumping

Favorite beverage

Sauvignon Blanc

Favorite Ice cream flavor

Italien Pistachio

Languages I speak

German, English, Greek and a little French (Et  toi ?)

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