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Celebrate motherhood flags Atlanta

The Celebrate Motherhood Project 2023

I created this Project for moms in the Atlanta area because when I scroll through social media I am getting all tired of the perfectly styled moms with smiling children talking about their perfect pregnancy, 30-minute birth, and newborns that sleep 12 hours straight at 3 weeks old... I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!

I cannot be the ONLY mom who had an ever-crying newborn that never slept and a devel as a toddler was. Not talking about a 24-hour labor and giving too many drugs by the doctor that made delivery even harder or a breastfeeding dilemma that traumatized me for a lifetime...

This is REAL LIFE.

So I started to ask around until I found honest moms that wanted to share their stories and encourage others that EVERY STORY is unique and all of this is normal. Maybe not social media worthy, but so normal...

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