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4 Tips on how to prepare dad for a successful family photo session

Really, I get it.
Men are just not that big on getting their pictures taken. They like the end result eventually and the idea that the mothers day gift is already taken care of.
But getting ready for the special photo day and meeting a stranger in the park does not sound like a relaxing weekend to them. And, to be honest, they are not wrong. But there are a few things that we as moms can do to help them get excited for that day.

Family enjoying California sun

1. Choose your photographer wisely. Great pictures are the result of a photographer that gets you closer together and just wants you to have fun as a family. That’s why I call my sessions laid back and relaxed. Yes, I can pose you in a beautiful way, but if a family member doesn’t feel comfortable it always shows in the images. I have 3 kids and know that toddlers love to do the opposite of what you tell them to do. We will figure out together what poses work and which don’t. The biggest compliment I can get after a session is : “That was so much fun and we had a great time as a family. Can we do that again soon?”

Family sitting on a white blanket

2. Start sharing early.Nobody (including me and probably you) likes to be surprised on a Sunday afternoon with a sentence like: “We have to leave in 30 minutes to meet the photographer for our yearly pictures. Can you jump in the shower real quick and come to the car?” At least for me last minute is terrifying and can ruin a perfect Sunday in a second.

3. Involve dad in the process. Ask questions like

  • What would you like to wear for that day? And then find colors for the rest of the family that would work with those colors.

  • Do you think the kids should wear all white or colorful dresses?

  • Do you prefer your backyard or the park?

  • It’s not that he needs to decide on everything, but he wants to be involved and feel like an important part of his family.

Family grilling marshmallows in the fire

4. Reward him. I know it sounds silly, but if he knows that he can have the night off and play poker with his friends after the photo shoot, it can change the whole atmosphere. Trust me on that. The sneakers he was looking at? That big steak from Costco? Maybe that long overdue date night with you, mom? Talking about a win win kind of situation right here…

And last but not least: Lower the pressure. Getting at least ONE good photo of you as a family together is the ultimate goal. Everything else is a bonus! If everyone is still engaged and feeling good during the session, fine. If not and you already got your most precious photo, also fine.

A session doesn’t need to last 60 minutes. If your toddler and dad are exhausted after half an hour you can go home and still have a gallery full of great images, if you paid close attention to #1.😉

All in all, a photoshoot doesn’t have to be a dreadful task. If you want to know how I work with my clients and how happy they are, read on on my website, follow me on social media and SIGN UP for my VIP list.

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