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10 types of BRANDING IMAGES you will need as a Business owner

As a business owner, it is very important to show your clients who you are.

Use different images to do so! Here are 10 types of Branding images that you will need for social media and for your website.

woman in red blazer smiling in the camera


One of the most important Personal Branding photos you need is a professional-looking headshot.

Whether with a Studio backdrop or a very simple plain background, this is the image you will use across your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

A simple background is needed so that your portrait will read clearly in the smaller size that is presented on those social media sites and won’t distract or confuse people looking at your account profile.

A professional headshot is the #1 must-have for entrepreneurs and small business owners, which is why it’s so important to plan for it during your Personal Branding session.


woman in white blouse and denim sitting on the grass reading a book


Once you have the professional headshot, you will also need more casual lifestyle portraits that are more candid but still professional in quality.

These images are perfect for communicating with your social network and allowing your audience to get to know you. You can also use these shots throughout your website to add a personal touch, show your personality, and create an instant connection with potential clients.


woman standing in kitchen looking at the camera


Behind-the-scenes images show off what happens to create the product or service you’re selling (whether that’s online or in person).

This can include brainstorming, planning, writing, drawing, gathering materials, setting up equipment, and all the steps that go into creating the product.

These images are the perfect way to illustrate what makes your products special and different from the rest because a potential client simply might not realize how much work goes into making the product or service they are buying. In my opinion, these shots are a must for any Personal Branding session and are definitely one of the biggest things we focus on.


women working on laptop showing clients something on computer


If your business involves interacting with clients - whether on the phone, Zoom, or in person - you definitely need images that show what that looks like.

For most people, having a visual representation of this client interaction looks like will allow them to make the purchase with confidence and reassurance.

Seeing how you operate with your customers alleviates any hesitation they might have, which is why these types of images are so important. The best way to plan for these is to invite past clients, friends, or even family members to participate in your session to replicate the specific scenarios that would show potential customers what it’s like to work with you.


image shows hands working on a laptop


Detail shots are really useful for infusing some pretty imagery into your website and social media feed.

Detail shots are definitely some of the most appealing ways to show off and explain specific areas of your process.

By isolating and zooming in on one detail, you can really isolate your message and focus on what’s important.


office with 2 workplaces and brick walls


Showing off your desk, the interior, and exterior of a business/store, or simply where you spend most of your time is a great way to provide more context about yourself or your business. Simply put, people want to know what to expect.

And if they’re planning a visit to your coffee shop or to meet in your office, they want to know what to anticipate when they get there.


Wellness products in a close up


Most businesses have a logo and if you have branded cups, bags, tags, or anything else with your logo on it, it’s always useful to have imagery that shows off that branding.

Not only does this reinforce your company in a potential customer’s mind, but it also creates credibility for anyone looking at your website or social media feed.

Especially if you’ve invested money in creating the logo branding, why not show it off?


flower bouquet lying on a table


If you sell physical products (or even if they’re digital only), it’s always of great benefit to have professional photographs of them.

Not only can you use these images on your website to sell items online, but you can also post them on Instagram and Facebook to drive sales.

One of the biggest advantages of including products in your Personal Branding session is that it instantly increases the value of the photoshoot.

Professional product images can add up in terms of cost and bundling them in with your personal branding portraits is an incredible value.


woman sitting on the floor working on her laptop


If you work on a laptop or mostly on your phone, it’s important to capture images that show exactly what that actually looks like.

These types of photos allow you to share what you’re working on with your audience with an appropriate image to go along with your story.

These are also great to use in presentations to give a little behind-the-scenes look at what your professional life looks like.


2 women rock climbing indoors


The biggest thing most people miss is capturing images that show off their personalities and interests.

Hobbies are some of the most important activities in our lives and create an instant connection with people to share the same interests.

While we might want to focus only on business-related imagery, showcasing some of the personal-life interests is one of the best ways to set yourself apart.

Whether that’s walking your dog, reading, making cocktails, listening to podcasts, getting ice cream with your kids, or gardening… planning for these types of portraits is often one of the “stories” we focus on during a Personal Branding session, because it’s always so important to infuse a bit of your personal self into these sessions, too.

Are you ready to book your PERSONAL BRANDING session with me to update your website and social media? It's about time!

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