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Having your own business means that you are the face of your BRAND.

If you like it or not. Being visible on your social media and website could mean that your customers begin to trust you even if they haven't met you in person.

That's good news, right?

Then why the heck are you hiding and not getting your pretty face out there???

That's where the Personal Branding photo session comes in!

Realtor leaning on wall outdoors

Let me introduce you to MATT.

He is a Real Estate Agent here in ATLANTA posting Videos on his social media feed sometimes twice a day and is determined to be the face of his brand.

His Motto is RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN, which already explains a lot and gives you a glimpse of what is important when he interacts with his clients.

Matt contacted me and told me that he would need some professional images of himself to show potential customers that he is a highly professional Real Estate Agent, with a real office and a great reputation.

And that's what we did...

Realtor outside his office showing his workplace sign

Realtor talking on the phone standing next to a water fountain

Realtor sitting on outdoor stairs smiling in the camera

Personal Branding is just a great way to show your brand and everything that comes with it.

Customers love to be that Fly on the wall and if they know already what to expect when they book an appointment with you, they feel more safe and are more likely to trust you and your brand.

If you are thinking about renewing your images, please contact me and we can talk about all the important details.


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