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5 Tips on how to prepare for your Branding session

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If I’m being honest, preparing for a branding session can be a lot of work, and it can also be a little bit nerve-wracking! If you’re feeling a little anxious, don’t worry!

These 5 tips to help you prepare will make you feel super confident and ready to tackle your branding session.

Keep an ongoing list of photo and content ideas on your phone

As you think of branding photo ideas or are inspired by someone else’s, I recommend writing them down and keeping a running list of ideas on your phone. This way you can add ideas as they come to you (and usually in the most inopportune moments like in the shower, lol!). When it comes to planning your next branding session shot list you’ll be one step ahead of the game when you and your branding photographer sit down to brainstorm.

Hire a friend to keep you organized

If you’re doing most of the modeling for your session, bringing a friend along can help you stay on track and organized. They can follow along with your numbered shot list and get the next photo set up while we are creating! This means more photos at the end of the day. Bonus, your friend can also help ease your nerves and help bring out more of your personality and authentic smiles. It’s a win-win!

If you’re unsure, bring it.

If you’re unsure about bringing a prop or an outfit, I always recommend bringing it anyway. It’s better to have more options than not enough, as long as you’re not feeling overwhelmed with too many choices!

By having multiple outfits and a number of props to choose from your final branding photography gallery will have lots of variety. This is extremely beneficial when posting your new branding images on social media!

Create a playlist to fill awkward silences

To ease your nerves during your session, I suggest bringing a favorite playlist and I provide the Bluetooth speaker. Playing music will help fill those awkward silences and keep the mood just right. My goal is for you to be as confident and comfortable as possible during your branding session. As always, I will provide you with all of the posing guidance. Plus my anything-to-get-you-laughing tactics will only improve the ambiance!

Choose your outfits intentionally

This is one of the most important tips to help you prepare. When choosing your outfits, think about the outfit that would make the most sense for your photo idea.

  • What do clients typically see you in?

  • Which outfit would you wear on your day off?

  • What do you wear at client consults?

  • Think of what image you want to portray to your potential client and audience. Do you want to be seen as professional? Friendly? Fun? Bold?

Overall when choosing your outfits, it’s best to choose outfits and clothes that fit you well.

Additionally, you want to ensure that they match the aesthetic and colors of your brand.

If you’re not feeling your outfits, ultimately you’re going to waste time and kill your confidence.

As a professional Photographer in Atlanta, I know the importance of a Consultation before your photo shoot to eliminate all the fear and insecurities that we have in front of a camera.

If you book your branding session at Nina Ferentinos Photography you will go into your session like a pro, because there will be no surprises.

Yeah, maybe it will surprise you how great you look when you see your images 😉.

I hope to work with you in the near future and that I can help you to elevate your business with professional images!




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