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8 great reasons to GIVE THE GIFT OF PHOTOGRAPHY this holiday season

Do you want to give a special gift to your loved ones and aren’t sure just what to get?

Something meaningful, memorable, AND useful. Photography can be ALL of that and even more...

Do you have a family member who has never had professional photos taken?

Do you have updated photos of your elderly parents?

Or perhaps a sibling or dear friend who is working hard to get that business up and running in 2022 and needs photos for the new website?

What about you and your family? You deserve to have beautiful images of your family this year too!

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift for family, friends or colleagues in ATLANTA, I’ve got you covered!

Here are 8 great reasons to give the gift of photography:

1. Photography is a gift that lasts.

Big wall art piece over a fireplace in the living room

With all the trendy gadgets, fads that come and go with clothing and accessories, it’s hard to find a truly classic gift that stands the test of time. But with the fun experience of a portrait session with a professional photographer, the result is a set of artfully edited portraits that capture the most important things in life–love, family, friendship, joy, and the sweet simplicity of enjoying the moment with loved ones.

Dad snuggling his son outdoors

2. Photography is an experience, not a thing.

Our closets and garages are packed to the brim, and every year when we do our spring cleaning we vow never to go shopping again. So why give a gift that will be enjoyed temporarily and then put away in an attic after it’s no longer being used?

When you give a portrait session, you are giving an experience. One in which the recipient is the center of focus and can later see themselves in the best light.

It is a great time to bring the family together (with me you can include your pets, grandparents and everyone who deserves to be in the picture...) and enjoy each others company.

I even offer a Hair- and Makeup service for mom!!!

3. Every session is customized!

I work closely with my clients to guide them on choosing a location and wardrobe.

Before every session I meet with them and we have a consultation about everything that is important to them during their photoshoot. I am getting to know them so that I can capture the true essence of who they are as individuals and as a family.

When it is a Personal Branding session we talk about their business and what the message is they want to pass on to their clients. We talk about what wardrobe looks best in images and what products they sell and if they want me to take pictures of those as well.

The Preparation is as important as the session itself.

Only when I know what my clients expect from me, I will be able to deliver it to them.

Business owner leaning on wall outside a building

4. A Photo Session is a Universal Gift

A professional photography certificate is a universal gift that you can give to anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are gifting a photography certificate to your spouse, friend, or colleague; it can be as personal or as official as your relationship. The recipient has the flexibility to make the photo session whatever they want it to be.

A business person may be too busy to think about quality portraits until they get it as a gift. On the contrary, many professionals yearn for the opportunity to get quality headshots for their LinkedIn, resume, or brand image.

A woman, young or mature, would most certainly appreciate an opportunity to feel special and see herself through a professional photographer’s eyes. And, there is barely any need to explain how precious a gift a family or child photography session makes.

One thing is for certain: no matter who the person is, a photography certificate is a gift they can turn into their perfect experience.

5. A photography session is an original gift.

Display box showing a mother and her daughter

Giving the gift of a portrait session is not cheap. It’s a thoughtful, artful, original, genuine experience and results in family heirlooms that last for generations. For these reasons, it’s not something that is given or received often, but when it is, it is a GIFT OF LOVE.

6. The gift of Photography is ultimately a Three-in-One

Family being silly outdoors

First, the recipient is amused and surprised when they receive the photography certificate. There are anticipation and excitement - just like any other gift.

Second, they get a memorable, unique experience. Often, people do not realize how fun a photo shoot is until they experience it first-hand. They may come prepared to suffer through it in search of a great photo – but they leave with a big smile on their face.

Third is the result. The anticipation of a sneak peek right after the shoot; choosing favorite photos; and having a final gallery delivered. Whatever type of photo shoot they select – whether a new profile picture or a framed print on the wall – it is made to last.

Bonus: photography does not stop giving when you receive your photos. In addition to enjoying the pictures yourself, you can gift them to parents, friends, or other loved ones. Then, they can receive joy from having a memory of you hung on their wall or displayed on their table.


7. You don't have to leave the house.

I pad showing a website about gift cards

On my website I offer gift cards with different set amounts or a custom amount between $50 and $2000.

My session fee is $325 and includes a $150 credit towards Wall Art.

The gift cards come in pretty designs to choose from and you have the choice to send the voucher to yourself and wrap it nicely or to send it directly to the lucky person per email. The ultimate worry free solution for your holiday shopping this year...

8. No shipping cost! No wrapping required!

Picture showing 2 gift voucher options

If you dislike wrapping gifts as much as I do, you’ll appreciate this.

They will be in your Inbox instantly and READY TO GIVE!!!


I hope I gave you a few ideas for the upcoming holiday season. Make sure to check out my GIFT VOUCHER section on my website to give the gift of photography this year to someone that is close to your heart.

Happy Gifting!


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