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A Backyard Motherhood Photosession in Marietta | Cobb County

Mom holding her daughter tight kissing her forehead

This beautiful mama signed up for a seat at my "CELEBRATE MOTHERHOOD" campaign that I was putting together for this summer.

She has these 3 wonderful children (Nolan, Emma, and cutie pie Olivia).

We decided to have the Photo shoot in the family's backyard in a beautiful newly built Marietta neighborhood, where the kids are safe and whirlwind Emma could not run off to find her next adventure!

When I was looking for women for this campaign I would choose the ones that would share their JOURNEY OF MOTHERHOOD with me and raise awareness that every journey is different but needs to be told.

Sarah was very open about her experiences with fertility and child loss.

Read here what she had to say to encourage others :

How has your Motherhood journey been so far?

"I am a mom to three living children and a daughter in Heaven.

Getting pregnant was not easy for me as I have PCOS and struggled with infertility and pregnancy loss (three losses total).

I truly love pregnancy and like being pregnant and knowing I am creating a new life.

We went through fertility treatment throughout our journey. Last year I was surprised to find I was pregnant without intervention and gave birth to my 4th child (3rd living) last December.

Pregnancy after loss was incredibly hard, but so worth it. I have a sunshine baby followed by three losses, then my rainbow daughter, and finally my pot of gold daughter.

It has been hard because three years ago we moved to GA from TX and then COVID hit. We don't know a lot of people here and don't have the support of any nearby family members or friends (who are all still back in TX).

I had to go through my labor and delivery with my last daughter alone because they would not let kids in the hospital after visiting hours (not even in the waiting room).

My husband had to take them back home and stay with them because we didn't have anyone to watch them. My labor was incredibly quick and I know we both wanted him to be there, but we had no other choice.

I'm honestly proud of myself for getting through it! Being a mom is hard.

Especially for someone like me who struggles with anxiety. My anxiety was enhanced even more after my losses. I constantly worry about something happening to one of my other children. I know what it's like to lose a child and I don't want to lose anymore.

But I'm scared of it happening every day. I feel isolated sometimes because I just don't trust people with my kids. My husband and I rarely get date nights or anything like that because I don't trust anyone but my family to watch them. My husband and I make a great team, but I still miss my family members being around to help.

I have also had to solo parent my two older kids quite a bit because my husband used to travel for work a lot.

Motherhood is amazing, but it can be isolating without support or if you are dealing with anxiety like I do. I love my kids so much and I want them to have an amazing life while also still wanting to keep them in a bubble sometimes! "

Sarah is very active on her Instagram feed to help others who experienced similar difficulties in their MOTHERHOOD journeys. Please go ahead and follow her @journeyforjasmine

THANK YOU SARAH FOR LETTING ME CAPTURE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY and leaving me a beautiful review for others to understand how important a photo session can be!!!

5 star review from Sarah


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