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An extended family session at Piedmont Park in Atlanta | Georgia

When I got Shannon's email in my inbox about her extended family meeting in Atlanta looking for a photo session I was super excited. Not only do I love extended family sessions because of the many stories and the high energy, but this one was special because no one actually lived in Atlanta but they were scattered all over the country. And that is exactly the reason why I think that family photography is sooooo important!

Extended Family session in Piedmont park Atlanta, funny faces

Around 2 months before the session we started planning the outfits and the location. With the family staying at an Air B&B near Piedmont Park in Midtown Atlanta the location was easy to nail down.

The wardrobe decisions were a little more of a challenge just because a cell phone picture gives back colors differently than they are (white vs. light blue vs. cream) but it still worked out beautifully.

Pre-planning for a photo session of any kind is super important to get to know your customers and avoid any surprises. I always share a Pinterest vision board with my clients to understand better what kind of photos they want for their extended family session and the color pallet that they are going for. In this case, we used the following color palette:

Color pallet blue, dark blue, rose and grey

Planning the wardrobe for an extended family session can be overwhelming, but remember that you don’t have to match perfectly!  I recommend choosing a similar color palette and mixing colors and patterns as this beautiful family did.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many fun families who appreciate the extended service that I offer. We were a little worried that this specific day would be rainy due to the forecast and the fact being the Thanksgiving weekend, but it turned out to be a beautiful and sunny morning.

During our Pre-planning phase, my client mentioned that she struggles with getting her hairstyle right for occasions like that. I quickly contacted my trusted hair and makeup artist Megan and we arranged a Hair makeover for all the women in the family before the session. I love to help my clients get the best out of their session and always enjoy the raves and rewarding words when finishing up.

But read for yourself what the family had to say:

awesome review for extended Family session

awesome review for extended Family session at Piedmont park Atlanta

Are you ready to create memories with your extended Family?

I also travel to your destination! Let me know what you need help with!


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