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How I measure customer satisfaction as a Photographer

👉🏼The 8 Signs That My Photography Clients Love Me 😃 and how you can help me spread the word about it!

As a photographer, building strong relationships with my clients is essential for long-term success.

While delivering high-quality images is important, knowing that my clients genuinely appreciate my work and value the services that I provide is equally gratifying.

This blog post is not about bragging but more about telling my future clients that every review and Christmas card is highly appreciated and means the world to me!

1. Repeat Business:

One of the clearest indicators that my clients love me is their decision to work with me again.

When clients return for additional sessions or hire me for new projects, it's a testament that they are satisfied with my services and the trust they have in my abilities to capture their life events in the most beautiful way.

Which can start with a Maternity photoshoot, lead into a newborn session, and conclude with a yearly family photo shoot. Sometimes I also see the kids during their School pictures 😃. And of course Senior photos, before the "little ones" go off to college.

2. Referrals and Recommendations:

Most of my clients are eager to share their positive experiences with other family members or friends and that's how I grow my network.

I also ask my clients to put their experience in writing on Google for others to read. So far I have collected 34 Five-Star reviews from happy clients that come back every year.

3. Appreciation and Gratitude:

My clients show their appreciation for my hard work and dedication in various ways.

Whether they send a heartfelt thank-you note, include me in their holiday card announcement, or share my photos on social media and let others know what a great time they had with me.

4. Personal Connection:

Potential clients want to know me better and almost always connect with me first over social media or in person through networking events or birthday parties where I was hired to photograph the children for Personality Portraits. On Instagram, I also share a lot about my personal life, client interactions, and Behind-the-scenes so clients can learn about my person as well as how my business operates.

5. Being Prepared:

Building a personal connection with my clients goes beyond just capturing great photos—it's about understanding their individual preferences, interests, and personalities.

When clients feel that the photographer genuinely cares about them as individuals and goes the extra mile to tailor your services to their needs, it fosters a sense of loyalty and admiration.

I always have a questionnaire for my clients to fill out and a phone call to go over last questions or concerns. It also helps to get to know the other person better.

5-Star review  for photo services

6. Flexibility and Adaptability:

In the dynamic world of photography, especially outdoor photography, things don't always go according to plan.

My Clients appreciate my flexibility and adaptability when unexpected challenges arise like a sudden rain shower or sick kids who want to do anything but take photos.

When you work with human beings there can be always surprises, but my clients value how I handle challenging situations and that the outcome is always beautiful.

5-star review for photo services Mini-sessions

7. Positive attitude:

Nonverbal cues can speak more than words sometimes. My attitude is always positive while my client's first attempt is to apologize for their kids or partners' behavior. I embrace every situation and adjust accordingly.

I high-five the kids and dad after a successful photo session and in between I tell them exactly WHAT TO DO! That speeds up the process and eliminates awkward "I don't know what to do" moments!

When my clients talk about me and my work they use words like "PATIENT, RELAXED, BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING"!

My Clients pick up my positive body language and encouraging words and look forward to my next task, such as smiling at any family member or looking at the person who snores at night 😉. They are often genuinely engaged and enthusiastic about working with me again.

5-star review for senior session

8. Emotional Investment:

Photography is a deeply personal art form, and clients often invest emotionally in the images I create for them.

When they express emotional reactions, such as tears of joy, laughter, or heartfelt expressions of gratitude, it's a sign that my work has resonated with them on a profound level and left a lasting impact.


As a photographer, knowing that my clients love and appreciate my work is incredibly rewarding and reaffirms my passion for what I do.

By paying attention to client appreciation—whether through repeat business, referrals, or personal connection I cultivate strong, lasting relationships with my clients and continue to create meaningful photography experiences for years to come.

I would love to connect more with you, please follow me on Instagram, sign up for my Waitlist for mini sessions or get more Info for a regular session.


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