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Photography Products I offer at Nina Ferentinos Photography

I believe that every family deserves beautiful Wall Art for generations to come. That's why I only work with the BEST manufacturer from all over the world to deliver the most tangible heirloom products your family deserves.
I want you to walk past your family portraits in your home every day and think about all the happy moments you had together. I want your little ones to flip through the family album with you and remember the fun time you had taking those images.

  • Folio Boxes

If you are thinking of gifting some of your images to friends, grandparents, or maybe godparents, my Folio boxes are a great choice. The box can hold up to 30 matted 8x10 images and comes in different colors as well as in hazelnut with a glass window. The USB stick with the digital files to the printed version is stored in the folio box for easy access. You can start small and build up every time your little one grows into a new stage. My Folio Boxes are manufactured in Ireland and of amazing sturdy quality to last for a lifetime.

(Prices start at $1700 (+TAX))

  • Framed and matted Prints

I can print any image in any size as small as 8x10 and as big as 30x40 through the professional labs that I work with.

I always recommend presenting prints in mats, because they make the prints stand out and add an extra luxury layer to the frame.

Mats are available in black, white, and cream!

(Prices start at $200 (+TAX))

  • Canvas Gallery Wrap

If you have a special spot in your house that looks empty and could use some personalization than a Canvas Gallery Wrap could be for you.

That space over your fireplace, in the new nursery, or in your dining room.

It is also a great addition to any already existing Gallery wall for the final touch.

Nothing shows off your family's love like a Canvas Gallery Wrap.

Printed on premium canvas and wrapped around a stretcher bar, my clients love their very own original masterpieces.

I have two options available: Just the canvas or with an added float frame.

(Prices start at $900 (+TAX))

Are you ready to book your next photoshoot to create beautiful Wall Art for the empty spot in your house you didn't know how to fill?

Not ready to book yet, but want all the updates? ----> Get on my VIP list at the bottom of this page!

Which is your favorite Product?

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