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Picture Day planning with a professional Photographer in Atlanta

My biggest motivator to become active as a School Photographer in Atlanta was the photos my kids brought home from their school.

I could not get them fast enough back to school, so no one would charge me for images where my kids looked like they were in pain and the backdrop was as colorful as the rainbow.

How would parents spend money (school pictures are expensive !!!) on something so hideous?

But then it hit me: They are collecting memories of their children and that's all they got...

My idea of FINE ART SCHOOL PICTURES was born.

Let me give you all the Benefits of hiring a Professional Photographer for Picture Day in Atlanta vs. a Big Box Company ( not only for parents but also for the school!)

Planning for Picture Day:

  • A few weeks before Picture Day I come to the school and do a walk-through with the responsible person (most of the time this is the Yearbook teacher) to find the best spot in the school for the big day in regards to Lighting, Privacy, and Accessibility. We also discuss other school needs (Coverage of Events, Senior Pictures...)

  • You will get my contact details and whenever something is unclear, I am here to answer it directly. My response time is very short because I want this day to go as smoothly as possible for the school and the children!

Fine Art School Photos on Picture Day, Atlanta, Boy smiling at the camera

On Picture Day:

  • Beautiful, creative images of the children and staff

  • timeless backdrop

  • I spend time with each child, talk to them, and wait until they unfold that beautiful natural smile (and sometimes it takes a little longer...)

  • Most times I will bring an assistant to help me organize kids and names.

  • We wipe faces, comb hair, and clean glasses

  • There will be music playing and a squeaky toy to get the little ones' attention.

  • To set up my lights I only need a small space of about 10x10 feet.

  • New Badges for the teachers? No problem!

Teachers ID badges, Atlanta Fine Art School Photography

After Picture Day:

  • Within a few days (depending on the school size) Pictures will be ready!!!

  • Professional Editing in a timeless style

  • Parents get online access to their pictures and they can choose between different images and products. I offer Print packages, Canvases, Metal Prints, and much more... No more Prints flying around at your house that nobody wants. Everything happens online and payment is super easy. All major Credit Cards are accepted. Your kid does not need to bring cash to school!!!

  • Yes, I do offer digital files with direct access. A link to your photos will be sent instantly.

  • All pictures are also available in BLACK & WHITE!

  • Parents have around 2 weeks to put their orders in. Once the gallery is closed, all orders go to my Professional lab for Printing. After that, the ordered prints go labeled to school and are distributed by the school staff to the kids. An email will go out to the parents to look out for the products in the kid's Backpacks.

  • Parents can contact me directly with any questions or concerns. The school has nothing to do with it!

Parent review Fine Art School Photography Atlanta
What Parents are saying...

Multiple images of cute kid in online gallery, Fine Art School Photography Atlanta
A typical online Gallery view for Parents

Want more BENEFITS?

  • Senior outdoor Photos with Special Pricing for Students and Parents

  • Traditional Senior Pictures (Tux & Drape) as well as Cap and Gown pictures

  • In-School Siblings Photos (The perfect gift for Grandparents!)

  • Best Friend Photos

  • Event coverage for Homecoming and Graduation possible

  • In Studio Retakes (additional fee) for students who missed the retakes in School!

  • EXTRA Incentive: The person who brings me in contact with the School gets a FREE FAMILY PHOTO SESSION when we sign the contract!

As I am adding more Parents to my email list that I have already photographed their kids on Picture Day, please leave your kind words in the comments or directly on my GOOGLE reviews.

Thank you so much for letting me photograph your children in school. They were all well-behaved.


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