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What is a FRESH 48 session?

Birth is an amazing thing and the precious memories right after are fleeting.

A birth space session or "Fresh 48 session" allows those raw moments right after labor to be savored forever.

These short and sweet sessions focus on the beauty and excitement of welcoming a new baby and the natural moments you share with your family.

Newborn baby in dads Arms

A Fresh 48 is a good fit for your family if…

You value natural, unposed, real-life moments full of love and connection.

These sessions are not about having the perfect outfit or having your hair & makeup on point. These sessions are about love and EMOTION.

You’ll look back at these photographs and remember the feel of your baby, breathing in their fresh smell, feeling their downy hair tickle your nose when you press kisses to their head and the pure joy of seeing your husband hold your newborn for the first time.

These are raw, fleeting moments that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life.

In Atlanta and the surrounding areas not every hospital will allow a photo session inside the hospital (no idea why?!?) but please find out beforehand if the hospital is ok with it!


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