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20 amazing Mother's Day gift ideas in Atlanta

Daughter giving mom a kiss while lying in grass

Treat the special mama in your life to one of these 20 amazing Mother's Day gift ideas in Atlanta in 2024!!!

In this list, you will find unexpected ideas perfect for moms and mother figures of all ages.

Discover affordable and easy ideas for Mother's Day weekend - including sweet treats, creative experiences, sentimental gift ideas, and more.

As a result, you are sure to find something for even the Mom that has everything.

A note: Mother's Day can be a day of CELEBRATION, a day of GRIEVING, a day of SADNESS, and a day of JOY. As a result for many of us, this holiday brings mixed emotions that CAN feel heavy. My heart is with everyone who struggles on this holiday. I encourage you to check in with your loved ones who might be experiencing loss - give them a phone call, send them flowers, or respect their wishes to let them have a day of remembrance.

👉🏼 20 Mother's Day gift IDEAS that you can do with your Mom in Atlanta

  1. Visit the Botanical garden together. May flowers will be in full bloom, so there is no better time for taking a trip to that sun-filled garden. Book ahead to make sure you and your mom are not being able to join the fun!

  2. Treat your Mom to an exclusive Food Box. There are special packages just for Mother's Day or go for whatever mom loves the most!

  3. Book a Mother-daughter photo shoot. It's hard to think of but your mom won't be here forever. And for sure not that good-looking! This will be a special gift for both of you as we tend to forget, but pictures are forever. Inquire about this special offer.

  4. Hire an Artist to illustrate your Family Home. This is one Mother’s Day gift idea that’s sure to strike a sentimental chord: hire a local illustrator to paint a unique drawing of your home. An artist can work off an existing photo, or even multiple photos. As a result, there’s no need to orchestrate logistics. And, they can add your family name at the bottom in artful handwriting.

  5. Take Mom on a food walk with a historic background guide. Does the Mom in your life love learning and history? If so, take her on an easy, fun food and history walk in Atlanta! An enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide will lead the experience. The Grant Park Past & Future Food Walk includes 8 modern and Southern fusion tastings from 3 locally owned food stops. During this experience, you’ll walk 1.2 miles for 2.5 hours together. This small group tour includes a jaunt through the historic Oakland Cemetery nearby. You’ll both learn a little more about the city you call home. Spots tend to fill up quickly. Make your reservation now and treat your Mom to a fun, incredible experience! Have food allergies or restrictions? Let them know! Most dietary needs can be accommodated with advance notice.

  6. Invite your Mom to a Karaoke night, either in your home or go to a Karaoke bar. Singing helps with anxiety and sets free all the HAPPY hormones. It probably feels weird at first, but she might not want to stop after a few songs!

  7. Take an ART class together. Ceramics, painting, crafts, or watercolors-the possibilities are endless. Get your hands dirty together and go home with a beautiful new piece to hang in your home!

  8. Treat your mom to a SPA DAY with a new look or just a relaxing Mani/Pedi at the salon. It could also be a facial or a massage. Just listen to what she needs and she will be grateful that you spend the day with her!

  9. Head to the THEATER together. You don't need to live in New York City to see great theater plays. Snag some tickets to the FOX THEATRE or THE SANDY SPRINGS PERFORMING ARTS CENTER and enjoy being transported to another world. Dress up, go early, and maybe enjoy a great dinner before you go. Or just a cocktail at the bar.

  10. Is your Mom a big sports fan? Get her tickets to the next big game and come along as a surprise.

  11. Visit the HIGH MUSEUM or enjoy a day at the Georgia Aquarium together

  12. Take a flower arranging Class. Sending Mom flowers on Mother's Day is a foolproof way to show her that you are thinking of her. But why not take it one step further and make your own bouquet this year?

  13. Take a cooking class together. At Cozymeal the chef comes to your house and cooks with you. How cool is that?

  14. Exercise together. Unroll your yoga mats for a relaxing fitness activity that mom will love. Whether you opt for something mindful like yoga or pilates or more intense like BootCamp, don't forget to cool down with lots of water.

  15. If your mom is more of a wine enthusiast, go for a wine tasting. She will probably love to spend the day at a local winery. Get a taste for some new wines, then grab her favorite bottle to take home.

  16. Set up a picnic. Whether you head to the park or just set out a blanket in the backyard, enjoying lunch outdoors is a great way to spend Mother's Day. Pack up a basket full of make-ahead sandwiches and picnic salads. Or bring along some fun Picnic games...

  17. Get out of town. You don't have to go very far to make Mom feel special. Atlanta is in a very good spot and surrounded by some incredible destinations that you can reach within an hour. However, a weekend getaway at a cute bed and breakfast or a road trip to a new location that she's always wanted to visit is the perfect way to get some extra time with Mom.

  18. Volunteer together. I know it doesn't appear as a Mother's Day gift, but at a certain age, it means a lot if we can be helpful to society. By helping others we show our respect and help people in need. And when we can do it together, even better. There are so many ways to lend a helping hand in Atlanta. Look for women's organizations that need support, donate to a local food pantry, or send a nice letter to seniors in nursing homes.

  19. Solve a puzzle. Gift your mom a puzzle this Mother's Day - There are plenty of designs to choose from. Or, make your own custom puzzle, then spend the day working together to complete it!

  20. Plant something. Does your mom's yard need an upgrade? Now is the time. And this is the gift that keeps on giving. Mom will love spending a few hours with you working in the garden and will always be reminded of it when she sees her plants grow. Don't have a green thumb? These garden subscription boxes will make it easy to get planting.

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