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How to create a Personality Portrait gift for Mother's Day | Atlanta

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it, and if you’re anything like me, you’re already stressing over finding that perfect gift for your mom.

But, in all seriousness, who needs another scarf or necklace when you can DIY the most amazing gift that is not only perfect for grandparents but also puts a smile on everyone's face whenever they pass by!!! I call them


...and they’re quickly becoming one of my favorite types of sessions.

The thing is… this project requires you to do something crazy. That is, actually print your photos!

(Enter a bit of sarcasm here — because I am a firm believer in printing images.)

Since kids grow so fast and their personality is always evolving, I really loved the idea of gifting these portraits annually to my parents and in-laws!

I know, not everyone is a super crafty person, and “DIY” gives a lot of people anxiety. But this project is actually SOOOO easy. I’ve done it three times (all on my own) and didn’t mess anything up.

Step 1: Book a Personality Portrait party with me.

These sessions take place in your home. You get a few moms together for a playdate and while you drink samosas I’ll get a variety of shots that show the true essence of your little one’s personality.

They are best for children ages 3 - 7, but I’ve captured younger and older with this style. As long as the children like to make silly faces, jump up and down, tell me jokes (and hear my terrible ones) we should be good.

Tweens and Teens also like this style of photos because it hides some skin irritations and just focuses on the facial expression.

Step 2: Print your high-res file to poster size.

You read that right, you need to print these!

Or just order them directly from your Gallery site (provided by me) and they will be shipped directly to your home. Easy Peasy with a few clicks...

Funny pictures hanging in kitchen

Step 3: Pick up a poster-sized frame.

I got mine at Michael’s (yay for coupons) for around $15. Prices for these may vary — but wait for the sales and snag a handful when they’re at 40% off. I got them with a black frame but you can get anything that goes with your decor. Any poster-sized (24 x 36) frame will do.

Step 4: Frame, hang, and enjoy every day!

Simple stuff. I smile every time I walk into my house — and I just know you will too!

You might ask: "Why only Black & White?"

As a professional Photographer in Atlanta, I prefer timeless Art that can be placed in any kind of room with any kind of decoration. Whether you have a jungle-like wallpaper up or pink walls, Black and White Photography goes with EVERYTHING!

You might ask: "You sold me. How can I book such a cool Party in Atlanta?

You can get all the Info HERE. But don't wait too long, they get booked pretty fast, because they are soooo much fun!

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