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7 reasons why you need a NEW headshot

As a business professional in Atlanta /Georgia, having an up-to-date headshot is a necessity.

Most image experts recommend having your headshot updated every 1-2 years.
However, that can be different for each person. If your look changes dramatically, it’s definitely time to get a new headshot as it’s important that your headshot represents the current you.

headshot of a business man


You Might Need Multiple Headshots

Depending on your frequency of self-change, you could argue that you may need multiple headshots at all times. Whether it’s to match a role you’re auditioning for, or whether you’ve recently changed your look, or whether you need different styles of headshots for different applications, having multiple headshots could be your best option.

Following are 7 good reasons to update your headshots:

  • You got a new job.

  • Your current headshot is a selfie!

  • You changed your hairstyle!

  • You're ready to present your best self to the world.

  • You changed your hair colour.

  • You started a blog and need to look professional.

  • You’ve lost (or gained) weight.

It's important to constantly evaluate how your headshots are working for you. If they are working well, every year or two is fine to update. If they aren't working, start looking into your options to update your headshots. Even if your looks haven’t changed much, fashion trends such as clothing styles and hairstyles do, so an outdated image stands out quickly.

New images get attention on social media. Even better than selfies, new headshots bring compliments and attract potential customers.

Landed that dream job? Made partner? Started your own business?

Contact Nina Ferentinos Photography today to schedule your Headshot or Branding session.


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