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An afternoon session at Mabry Park in Roswell | Cobb County

Mom cuddling her baby in Mabry park, Roswell, Cobb county

It always fills my heart with pure joy when I get to document the love that a young mother has for her little one.

And this young mom was no exception.

She even hired a hair and Makeup specialist so she would look just her best when taking pictures with her cutie.

We had multiple outfit changes but finally got the perfect outfit for this duo together...

Hear what ANNE had to share about her Motherhood journey...

What was your Motherhood story like so far?

"I've always wanted to be a Mom.

So much so that my student of the week poster from kindergarten said I wanted to be a Mom when I grew up. I am now the mother to a beautiful and perfect 15 week old and motherhood is everything I've ever dreamed of.

However, I never could have imagined the fear of having an emergency C-section on my little guy's due date, the heartbreak of having to take him to the hospital at 6 weeks old for testing, or the absolute joy when the tests came back normal.


Thank you for the kind words after the photoshoot...

5 star Review for Nina Ferentinos Photography


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