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An early morning session at Little Mulberry park | Gwinnett County

Mom cuddling baby

I am so so grateful for all the awesome moms who signed up for my "2023 Celebrate Motherhood" campaign and are willing to share their stories about motherhood. All of them were super open about the struggles they experienced and how they developed new anxieties by having children.

Audrey is no exception and also talks very openly on her Instagram page @travelingtobaby about surrogacy, IVF, Infertility, and her journey into motherhood. Give her a follow and learn more...

I also talked with her about the challenges of raising kids in multiple languages (she and her husband are from Puerto Rico) and how her son Matteo is growing up way too fast.

How has your Motherhood experience been so far?

"My story around getting pregnant and becoming a MOM was a long and exhausting journey."

"We had been trying to get pregnant for over 5 years with fertility treatments. We did 6 rounds of IVF and with and without treatments we had four first trimester pregnancy losses.

We decided to pursue surrogacy in December of 2020 and matched it with a program in the Ukraine.

After five surrogates and two failed surrogacy transfers, we were finally expecting, due in July 2022. In February of 2022, our world was turned upside down when the war broke out with Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

We were able to cross and I was able to be present to support my surrogate and witness the beautiful miracle of the birth of my son, Matteo. After one month and five different countries, we arrived home in Atlanta, Georgia just in time to celebrate my 35th birthday and a new chapter in our family.

Matteo is now 8 months old and we cannot imagine a life without him. We would love to have a sibling for him, but I am not sure that we are strong enough to start all over again!"

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