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How to prep for a Personality Portrait PARTY in Atlanta 🎉

Whenever my kid's birthday was on the horizon I would cringe, because I had to be Houdini again and think of the perfect Party idea. We had costume parties, chef parties, pool parties, ice-skate parties... With 3 kids I think we almost did everything that was within our budget.

If you need some creative ideas, I wrote a blog post in Atlanta Mom about some of our ideas and how to realize them.

And that's exactly how my Personality Portrait project was born.

I wish I would have been able to just call a Photographer to some of our Birthday parties and let them alone with a bunch of 8-year-olds and I would get awesome pictures at the end...

Don't you agree?

But unfortunately, there is also some work involved when you prep for a Personality Portrait Party in Atlanta! And we will talk about it RIGHT HERE 👇🏼

  • Contact Nina. Right when you know what date you want for your Party, let me know. Especially weekends are filled up really quickly and can be booked 6 months in advance.

  • If it is a Birthday Party you are good to go after you pay the fee. I will get in contact with you a few days before the date and we will discuss all the details.

  • If it is a Party and you invite other moms and their kids, I will prep a sign-up and pay link to get everybody settled in advance.

  • The day of: My setup is very easy and simple as I only need a corner of the house (~10x10) for my lights and the backdrop.

  • Every kid gets around 10 minutes with me and as I am an experienced SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER that is more than enough time to get the Personality shots that I am looking for. Sometimes there is also a rubber chicken involved 😉.

  • While I am with the kids the parents have time to catch up, slurp on some mimosas, or play a round of their favorite game.

  • When every kid was in front of my camera and I got at least 20 different expressions it's time to go home and work on those Personality Portraits.

  • About 2 weeks after the party there will be a link to an online gallery for you to choose your favorite photos as a direct download or you can also order different Print Products directly from the gallery.

I am a strong believer in Print Products and would love to see your kid's portraits big on your walls.

You can find out why HERE!

black and white personality portraits of cute kids on wall

Need more info? Wanna book your Party 🎉?


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