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How to get prepared for your Branding Photosession?

Congratulations !!!
You signed up for your Personal Branding Photosession.

And now we need to get you ready for your special day.
Here are a few guidelines that will help to make your experience outstanding:

The day before your photoshoot:


glasses filled with water

Your skin will thank you and we as photographers can always see the difference.

Aim for half a gallon a day to energize your body and skin and to get that special glow that we are all looking for.

Try to avoid alcohol the night before, trust me the smiles come easier without a headache...

Take a hot shower or bath

woman taking a relaxing bath

This will help you set your mind to a relaxing sleep and you can also wash your hair so it will be ready for the next day ( in case you oversleep 😃)

Your hair should be completely dry, ideally, otherwise, it will be difficult to set it into the hairstyle you want. If you have curly hair or follow a specific nighttime drying regimen, then obviously you should wash your hair the night before and follow your standard process.

Megan, my makeup artist, gave the advice to wash and style the hair the way you would normally, but not use any products because that can cause damage when she uses hot tools to bring it in form.

Decide how you want to style your nails

Hands and beautiful nails of a woman

Hands and nails are important parts of your body that will show in your images.

Be aware of the colors of your selected clothes when you decide how to style your nails.

Make sure they match all styles and colors and look well-maintained. Moisturize your hands before you go to bed.

Get a good night's sleep

woman sleeping in white sheets

Aim for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and leave all of your electronic devices out of your bedroom.

Try herbal tea or calming music for a good night's rest.

The day of your Photoshoot


woman drinking water from a bottle

Have a large glass of water when you wake up, and keep drinking more as the morning progresses.


woman putting white cream in her face

If you use moisturizing cream daily, then this should already be part of your routine… but if you don’t, it’s very important that you do this the night before and the morning of your photoshoot.

When you arrive at the Studio, the makeup artist will make sure to apply appropriate makeup, but she still needs a good base to work with. So wash your face, apply moisturizer and eye cream, and you should be all set to go!


If you have specific allergies, are super sensitive, or simply found the best foundation or coverup for your skin, bring it to the Studio with you!

The makeup artist will have everything on hand, but she obviously won’t have any highly specialized products you might require.


photo studio with professional lights, backdrop and a chair

The hair & makeup artist will style your hair in any way you like - from a polished version of your everyday look to a fancier style - and will move to makeup right after.

Now, having makeup done doesn’t mean you will look like you’re going out on the town (unless that’s what we’re going for in portraits!).

Makeup for photoshoots is highly specific but can look as natural as a no-makeup look.

It’s important to enhance certain things for photographs (eyelashes, blush, and lips) since the camera tends to play everything down, but the purpose of hair & makeup is simply to make you look your best based on your preferences.

So relax and enjoy the process... and make sure to book a dinner or lunch out since you’re going to look amazing!

If you have more questions:


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