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Location Photography for a Family in Rhodes/Greece

The country of the gods. How lucky am I to have a Location Photography Family session in GREECE?

Pinch me, please.

Crystal clear water, beautiful sun, and a light salty breeze in the air!

And I am not even talking about the FOOD! Amazing! Fresh fish right from the boat? Yes, you heard me right!

When this fun family of 4 reached out to me and told me their plan to take me with them on this adventure I could not speak but only smile.

"Of course, I will help you document your Family in Greece. What an honor."

I had known them for a while, being their family photographer back in Germany and I was so grateful when they reached out because it also allowed me to reconnect.

Those kids got huge in comparison to their newborn pictures 😉.

The family stayed at the Lindos Princess Beach Resort on Rhodes which came with a beautiful "private" beach.

And as you know me I like to keep things stress-free and easy, for this photo session we met right after dinner (everyone was fed) for golden hour at the beach and everyone had a really good time!

When I work with families that want to take their photos outside the Atlanta area, there is always a little more work involved because Location scouting can not be done ON SITE but probably more on Google Earth and through other online resources.

And sometimes those resources are old or as much as NON EXISTANT!

But over the years I learned to improvise and work with what I have on hand. In this example the family was late and the sun was almost gone, but the sky was still very pretty.

This was only one day of location photography where we took those sunset pictures.

They ended up booking me for a few days and now have a big photo album to fill with all the memories from this awesome Greece vacation in Rhodes.

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