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Location scouting at the Battery/Atlanta/Braves Stadium

The big B at The Battery Atlanta

When I explore new locations where I could possibly have a photo shoot with clients in the Atlanta area there are a few things that I always keep an eye on.

Lighting, background, and accessibility are 3 of the most important factors in having a successful photoshoot.

To make sure that my clients will have the best experience and photo memories possible, I check the weather forecast vigorously and inform myself about how crowded certain locations get during various times of the day.

For example, I would never anticipate having a photoshoot at the Battery in Atlanta when there is a Braves Baseball game in progress.

It is way too crowded and you cannot find a parking spot close by, not even taking into consideration that 2 hours of parking costs $40. Soooo much to consider.

Recently this lovely family booked me for a photo shoot and during my pre-consultation call with the mom, she mentioned that they are big Braves fans and have 2 teenage daughters.

They all loved the idea of taking this year's family photos at one of their favorite places...

Follow me as I guide you through my process of scouting the area.

  1. Always go a few days before the shoot at the exact same time so you know exactly, where the sun is hitting at what time. In this case, there were a few tall buildings involved that were covering the sun!

  2. Find a quiet spot where you can meet and greet the family and get them familiar with your camera and your style to guide. It makes things easier for later because they already know what you want them to do!

  3. Prepare a map for your clients, where they can park and where the meeting point is, so they don't wander around looking for you. At the Battery, parking at the red and green deck is free for the first 3 hours (Non-game days!)

This is what I sent the mom the night before to find me and to give her parking information.

It is a very appreciated service for my clients that shows them how well-prepared I am and helps them feel prepared and taken care of as well.

I am a planner but that is exactly what clients deserve and should expect from great service.

I love stairs and staircases because it is easy to layer a larger group of people.

Some can sit, and some might stand. Especially at such a cool location as the Battery, stairs always look good and classy. An added bonus is the large variety there is to choose from.

It is important though to pay attention to the background and ensure that it fits the style that you are going for!

Be on the lookout for murals, quotes, and paintings that can add a little extra to your photos.

Teenagers can often be pulled into the fun attitude of a photo shoot when there is cool graffiti to look at and pose in front of!

At a place like the Battery, there are so many cool and colorful buildings and signs to take pictures at. The only downside is that there is a lot of walking involved to get to them.

With older kids that should not be an issue, but for toddlers or people with knee or hip problems that might be a stretch, even if you have a stroller with you.

All my images that you see in this blog post are taken between 6 and 8 pm (End of April).

(For these shots, I only used my phone, NOT my DSLR camera!)

Nearing the end of my scouting excursion I walked up the stairs to the parking garage and found this beautiful place overlooking the stadium, and believe it or not: NO CARS!!!

The perfect sunset/cloud mix helped a lot to set the mood!

I take pictures with my face in it to evaluate the lighting and also to check out if the background looks pretty. I guess I nailed both with this one 😉!

When I go to scout a new location I also try to take a few videos where I rotate myself 360 degrees to remember the surrounding environment later when I review my material.

And of course, I store all those photos and videos on my hard drive at home, because who has never lost or broken a mobile phone, right?

Are you excited to plan your next Photo session with me? A stadium, An airfield, A rooftop terrace? I am up for everything.

Let me know!


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