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🌷Spring Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Spring Family outfit ideas

With Spring around the corner and my MINI SESSIONS coming up soon, I hear many moms saying "I love the idea of SPRING PICTURES, but what should we wear?!"

Valid question. Here are some ideas of what photographs well in the Spring in ATLANTA and what is easy to get in the stores.

Some of my favorite stores to shop for Spring Family Photo outfits are Old Navy, Amazon, Boehme, September, Lane Bryant (size 10-40), H&M (for kids).

📍You could also support a local small business and google a local boutique nearby!

Book a private appointment for tailored service and a try-on sesh!

Dresses for Mom to Wear for a Beautiful Family Photo Session

Chances are, you are spending quite a bit of money for this family photo shoot and only do it maybe once a year (if that)!

What better chance to get dressed up and splurge a little!?

If buying something new isn’t in the cards – shop your closet!

What do you feel confident wearing? What outfit makes you feel good? I have a few suggestions when choosing a dress:

  1. Flow: Make sure your dress isn’t skin-tight. Photographers love movement in their photos – think swishing and twirling like you did when you were little!

  2. Texture/Details: Look for fun details in clothing: Ruffles, embroidery, lace, bows, interesting cuts, sheer fabrics, or even fun buttons. These add visual interest and dimension to photos!

  3. Color: Muted tones work best – if a color is bright, it will leave color cast on your skin. Stay away from neon colors and bright/bold/shocking colors.

  4. Length: Mini skirts may be in but for a family photo session we are going to be PLAYING! I’m going to ask you to sit on the ground, twirl, throw your kids in the air, dance. If you can’t safely raise your arms in the air or sit on the ground without fear of flashing the camera – your dress/skirt is probably too short.

Creamy neutrals:

This color palette is always a good choice as the light and airy colors will give the photos a breezy look for spring and everyone looks good in light neutrals.

Neutral color palette for Spring photos

Shades of Blue:

Blue can add that perfect pop of color to your spring photos and it melds wonderfully with light spring green tones if you are taking photos outside.

Try mixing different shades of subtle blue (avoiding neon or overly bright tones) and balance the color with neutrals.

blue color palette for Spring photos

Feminine florals:

Floral patterns are a no-brainer for spring family photo outfits – it is spring after all!

These looks bring in pops of floral along with solid colors, creamy neutrals, and other patterns like plaid. Combining a subtle floral with neutral stripes or polka dots is a great way to add even more interest without being overwhelming.

Possible combinations: Blush & neutrals, cream & pink florals, florals & earth tones

Floral and pink color palette for Spring photos

Shades of PINK:

When it comes to spring family photo outfits, pink is a great go-to shade.

Muted blush pink tones combined with darker pink like dusty rose to give a springy vibe and these shades of pink blend wonderfully with neutrals.

Possible combinations: mauve & blush, baby pink, a touch of pink & denim

Pink and Neutral color palette for Spring photos

Casual in denim:

Good news – a spring family photo shoot does not have to be formal! 🎉

If you find putting on a flowy dress isn’t your thing, and you know your kiddos will be into dressing up, go with a more casual look.

Nice jeans, sneakers, a pretty cotton shirt, and fine knits can look just as great and will reflect your laid-back family vibe.

Denim color palette for Spring photos

Other Looks for Mom to Wear for an Atlanta Family Photoshoot:

Even though my favorite look is a dress…

As an Atlanta family photographer, I know that this style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!

Atlanta is home to a diverse population of creatives who add their own touch of personality – and I fully embrace this!

Many of my clients are more of the “sweater and jeans” type of person. So a few other ideas besides a dress might be a fun blouse or sweater with jeans or fitted pants.

How about a jumper? What about a blazer with cut-off jeans and boots?

Here are some other looks that you could try out and decide if that is for you:

Different ideas for mom to wear for Spring family photos

Look for texture, details, interesting fabric, and flow.

And don't forget the Accessories. Fun jewelry, a hat, scarves, or interesting shoes add interest and personality to your photos - so don't skip this step. It's also a great way to add variety (some photos with the hat, some without!)

Here are some ideas:

Accessories ideas for mom to wear  for Spring Family photos

So much good information about your next Photo session outfits.

Are you ready for it? Book your session with Nina!

Think you might want to book a Spring Mini Session? Get on the waitlist for Priority booking:

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