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"Should I take Spring Family Photos in Atlanta vs. Fall Photos?"

Congratulations 🎉

You found my Blog post probably because you are unsure if you should take Spring Family Photos or wait until the Fall like everyone else!

Tricky question but I assume you are interested in creating memories with your family and are ready to take your pictures as soon as possible. Let's talk about your options!

A common question is “When would be the best time of the year for Family pictures”. And as every season has something special, we will discuss them right here.

Why you should take your Family Photos in the Spring:

Talking about my absolute favorite season!!!

Temperatures rise, everything is blooming and it just warms my heart.

When you enjoy colorful backdrops and being in nature, THIS is the perfect time to take your Spring family Photos around Atlanta.

Siblings sitting in colorful flowers outdoors

And here is WHY:

  • not many other families in your favorite spot means that you don't have to wait for others to leave (vs. the hide-and-seek of the fall)

  • In the Spring the sun sets early, which means that you don't have to change your kid's evening routine to catch the pretty golden hour light and get the most gorgeous pictures.

  • Avoid the "Back to school craziness" that the fall brings

  • Have your Holiday cards already done early

  • And most importantly: Cross something OFF your busy fall schedule. When everyone is stressing out about the perfect family outfit you can concentrate on the perfect holiday meal or just spending quality time with your loved ones. That is a huge WIN in my books 😉.

Here is the Link to get on my WAITLIST for the next Spring Mini session, because Fall is too busy!


Some facts about taking your Family Photos in the Summer:

Mom holding little girl outdoors- Spring Family photos

Summers in Georgia are hot and humid. The sun sets late and mosquitos love to attack often!

And yet, most of my sessions take place in the summer, and here is why:

The summer break gives families more flexibility in their schedules.

Also, the weather is mostly reliable and sessions don’t have to be rescheduled due to a thunderstorm.

Mom can wear long dresses and a big hat to get the romantic look she is looking for.

All in all the summer months are very desirable but can be tricky in regards to a heatwave or bugs!  But there is also a good way to prepare for it!


Why taking your Family Photos in the Fall can be tricky:

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the colorful leaves and the foggy mornings.

My concern is that it is a hectic month for most of us. Since I am also very active in multiple schools with School photography, my September is jammed.

Grandparents sitting on blanket in Park with grandkids being silly

But also for most of my families, the Fall gets hectic with the normal “Back to school” craziness and all the prep for the holidays already. How beautiful and time-efficient would it be if you could just pull out the family picture that you already took in the Spring, get to work on your holiday cards, and be the first one to send them?

Another point is that EVERYONE in the park is taking their pictures. Every spot is flooded with photographers and the special experience that your family photos should be is becoming a hide-and-seek to avoid strangers in the background 😬 and a fight over the best spot.


The Beauty of Winter Family Photos:

Family with older children being silly in the studio
In Studio Family session

I am mainly an outdoor photographer and love a natural backdrop, but I refuse to meet in the park with you and your kids freezing while wearing light clothes. Studio photography can be a great option if you want a more neutral backdrop than the park.

It is also much more reliable than the outdoors because we can shoot in any weather.

And especially with toddlers, you reduce the risk of them running away 😉


There is beauty in every season and you get to decide WHEN is your personal best time to take your family photos.

Just remember to contact your favorite photographer early enough and subscribe to any waitlists or newsletters to know when they open their calendar for the year. Your preferred spot might be gone before you know it.

Here is the Link to get on my WAITLIST for the next Spring Mini session, because Fall is too busy!


5 easy tips to achieve Candid Family photos guide

Now the next step is to prepare your kids for those natural smiles during your Family Photo session.

5 super easy-to-implement tips to achieve those Candid Family Photos that everyone loves!

And the best part: It's FREE!


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