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A 100-degree MOTHERHOOD session in Sandy Springs | Heritage Park

Mom playing with kids at Heritage Sandy Springs

As a resident of Sandy Springs for almost 6 years, I know of most parks in my neighborhood, but it was the first time that I had a photo shoot at Heritage Park.

As it was a Saturday evening I was a little worried that a wedding might take place, because it has a stage and an adjacent building that is used as a wedding venue most weekends in the summer. But we got lucky and we had the whole park just for ourselves.

When Jade arrived I was already waiting for 30 minutes. I wasn't happy and already sweaty, but people know me as a very patient person (helloooo, I work mainly with toddlers...😉), and knowing about Jade's situation helped me to understand her better...

Read Jade's MOTHERHOOD here:

What is your Motherhood story?

I had a stillborn daughter in 2019 and a miscarriage right after.

Eddie was my first child and journey into motherhood.

We had Sarah, Eddie, and Elijah all within three years at the start of a global pandemic. Covid-19 meant no in-home support as a new mom, virtual baby showers, and Zoom birthday parties.

It was hard and felt unreal. The missing support from family and friends during Covid was a lot to handle.

Unfortunately, my marriage fell apart during those times and I am now adjusting to our new lives as a single mama and have to recreate family new for my boys.

Eddie and Elijah are my life and I will be the best version of myself for them so that they can become anything they want.

These NEW family pictures will represent a journey of healing and new beginnings of love.

Unfortunately, right before our photo session, Jade got laid off by her employer and is now reinstating her Realtor license to provide an income for her boys. If you or anybody you know is selling their house, let me know. I know a good Realtor...


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