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A quick guide to Family-MINI sessions in Atlanta | Georgia

You have probably already heard multiple times people talking about « Family-Mini Sessions » – especially after the summer break when everyone starts thinking about their greeting cards and Santa magic!

But what is a Family-Mini Session exactly?


To go straight to the point, a mini-session is a small version of a regular photo session. Think of it as a reduced scope, a small slice of a cake.

Here is a little overview of what a Family-Mini Session with me looks like:

a 15-minute long session

A mini-session is a session that is shorter in length than my regular sessions. A typical photo session usually lasts 1 hour of shooting in multiple spots at a location.

Minis are all about having a few pictures in a short time. Yes, 15 minutes is enough to get great photos to choose from!

Back-to-back with other families

Mini sessions are not stand-alone sessions, they are back-to-back. It means that other families will book the 15-minute spot just before and just after yours. To make the most of it, arrive a few minutes early.

On a specific date, during a given time range

Each set of mini-sessions is organized on a specific date selected in advance. The time range is also given. From there, clients can choose the time slot that fits the best into their schedule.

If a client prefers to do a session at a specific location or on a specific date, we will organize a

FULL FAMILY SESSION to answer these specific needs.

At a nice location selected in advance so everyone knows where to go

I try to vary the locations for every mini-session so that my returning clients can have their pictures taken in different parks if they want to. I mostly select locations with a good-sized parking lot, with no more than a couple of minutes walking (usually you can see me from the parking lot). Having 3 kids myself, I know easy and fast access is a must! And also pregnant mamas have a chance to join the fun!

My packages include 3 images to be selected from a gallery of about 20 images

Mini photo sessions include a smaller number of edited photos to choose from compared to a regular session. I typically deliver a gallery of about 20 images and let my clients download the 3 they like best, or purchase additional images.

offered only a few times a year

I usually offer mini sessions one Saturday in Spring and a weekend in the Fall. If you want to know the dates and times in advance, join my Mini-session email list ( & get a Family session guide as a gift!!!) as the spots go quickly. I promise I won’t spam you!

Mini Sessions are not « cheap » sessions, I want to give my families the best experience and pictures. That’s why before each family-mini session, I send:

– A short online questionnaire (it doesn’t take more than 2 minutes!) to know a little more about each family and anything I should know before the session (please take the time to fill it out!!!)

– a Session Style Guide I created to answer any questions including outfits and styling


Mini sessions are very popular with families with young kids or busy schedules.

We all know toddlers' attention span is limited so asking them to focus for only 15 minutes is perfect. They are also easy to fit into anyone's busy schedule.

The mini-session price is also more affordable and can be a fast way to get professional photos for holiday cards, family announcements, or just a few great images to share with friends.

BUT mini sessions are not for everyone as you need to agree on the date and location. Also, due to the time frame, I usually don’t encourage them for newborn or maternity pictures.

If you want to include grandparents or get a few extended family pictures, my families have to book 2 back-to-back mini-session spots so I have enough time to get all the pictures and combinations they would like.


Show up about 10 minutes early

Everyone needs a little transition time. Those few minutes also help the kids to see and get acquainted with the location. Getting your photos taken can be such a fun experience if you are ready to enjoy it.

As the sessions are only about 15 minutes long and are back-to-back, planning on arriving early is the best way to give me enough time to capture images you will love. I know that it takes time to have everyone ready. There is always a shoe missing, a face to clean…

That way we can enjoy our time together and create great memories.

Families usually write it down in their questionnaire, but if you want a specific picture, or pose, let me know at the beginning of the session. I want to make sure you get photos you love.

I only offer Family-mini sessions once or twice during the year, usually one date in Spring & a few dates in Fall or Santa Minis.

There are only a few spots for each date, so join my Mini-session email list to be the first to know as they are booked quickly!

Hope to see you soon in one of my MINI's...

What kind of Mini-sessions do you prefer?

  • Spring-Minis

  • Easter-Minis

  • Mommy & Me-Minis

  • Fall-Minis

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Family mini-sessions in Atlanta

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